Favorite blogs/Lieblingsblogs

HalfAThousandMiles—This blog is absolutely hilarious. I’m not really a ‘laugh out loud’ type of person. (It’s not that I don’t have a sense of humor, but I’m more a smile and nod type of gal.) But, this blog does me in. The writer lives in a small town and blogs about everything from flinging poo to that one time she drove her truck into the ocean. Something I really want to gain from this whole blogging experience is a sense of my own writing voice. Well, she has this nailed. I feel like I know the writer of this blog, even though we’ve never met. I admire her style so much.

FreeThinkersAnonymous—This is another favorite of mine. The writer is obviously smart, writes well, and has this awesome dry sense of humor. He tackles all kinds of topics, like octopuses, graffiti, cancer, poetry, pop quizzes, the origins of words and spinach bread. There’s a little bit of everything on this site, and it’s always fresh and interesting! As soon as a new post comes out, I stop what I’m doing and read. His is another style that I admire. I tend to write very long posts—it’s just what I do. He’s able to pack such a punch in a relatively shorter space. I think I can learn from him.

Caledon Acres and Sand in the Bikini—This writer has TWO blogs.  She’s originally from Romania and writes in her SECOND language, lives on a farm, is crafty, and covers a variety of topics from strange dreams to life with chickens. In addition to having an interesting blog, something about her that impresses me are the comments she leaves on other blogs. She genuinely takes the time to read other people’s posts and leave thoughtful comments about what she reads.

StillNotAJournal—This blog has so much going on. I love it!Everything from books to crappy selfies and embarrassing experiences can be found here. Blogs are really a space to make your own. When I visit this writer’s site, I really feel like I am entering her world and getting a sense of everything from the personal stories to the images that make this writer who she is.

SilenceKilledTheDinosaursHer topics include living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, dinosaurs, funny stories, serious stories, and everything in between. I wish so much that I could draw like she can and that my blog could look like that, too. I sort of want to bundle up her blog, stick it in my backpack and run away with it.

NorwayTimes The writer shares humorous, fascinating details about trying to settle in to life in Norway with her husband. Something I’m especially appreciative of is the fact that, like me, she often writes posts that are 2,000+ words. I love settling in to a detailed piece of writing, and this blog is so interesting that I always wish the posts were even longer.

EverythingButTheKitchenSinkThis blog is one of the first that I clicked ‘follow’ on, and I’m so glad I did. The writer posts beautifully written musings on what it’s like to live and cope with anxiety (I can definitely relate to that!) Reading her blog posts are like getting a glimpse into her soul—and that’s what blogging really seems to be about.

MylifeinramblesThis writer cracks me up and writes about life as a ‘single’ mother while her husband is deployed.  She also recently moved back to the States from Germany (so, we’re in opposite situations!) Her writing is honest, raw, and she says it like it is.  I’m addicted.

WaitButWhy–I just discovered this blog and it’s most definitely my favorite ‘big blog.’ I follow it along with 368 thousand something other people.  Yeah, I’d say that’s quite a following.  The topics are fascinating, well researched, and covered in depth. I recently read posts on ’10 Types of Odd Friendships You’re Probably Part Of’ and ‘Religion for the Nonreligious.’ I was blown away.

ChezGigiThis is another blog I just started following and I’m in love with it.  The writer is a retired teacher (what I’ll be some day!) and she’s smart, funny, and inspiring.  With post titles like, ‘Keep the Louvre, We Got The Las Vegas Mob Museum’ and ‘Not To Joke With Your Clone on Quora Is The Answer,’ how can you NOT read on? And it’s always worth it. Hilarious content and the perfect visuals to match–this blog is a winner. 🙂