About Me

I’m originally from Buffalo, New York—known for its snow, obviously.  But, it’s also the home of sponge candy, spicy chicken wings, the grave of someone who died on the Titanic, and the assassination spot of President McKinley.  (I’m all about food and death, as you can tell.)

To my own surprise (because this was not in the life plan) I ended up in Germany.  It started with a study abroad program in Heidelberg and morphed into this entire expat life that included a two-year stop in London, England to do my M.F.A. Creative Writing.

Fifteen years in, I’m still in Heidelberg with my husband (he’s from Wyoming and grew up on a ranch, so my family considers him to be a cowboy,) a seventeen month old daughter named Laken, and a job teaching at an international school.

Here’s the reason I chose the name Buffalo Schnitzel.  The first part is obvious; it’s my hometown and therefore my first and primary home.  Schnitzel is just a fun German word—what’s more fun than breaded pork on a plate? Not much.  It sounds quirky and for some reason it just sounds like…me.

I’m a schnitzel.

Strange, awful, hilarious and just plain confusing things seem to happen to me–a lot.  I’m that person who boards the wrong plane, shows up for a study abroad program in London without a visa (I wrote about this in the post ‘Visa Baseball,’) gets lost in Budapest, leaves my passport all over the place, and has some seriously bad luck in between the times I’m not inadvertently messing things up.

Germans are a very private people, but I tend to be the opposite. If anything, I overshare. So, not surprisingly my genre of choice is creative nonfiction and personal essays about, among other things, this expat life.

A real lot has happened over the past decade of life in Germany that I haven’t written about, yet, from establishing a career, to visa issues, fertility treatments, travels, a crazy whim where we bought a house 4,000 miles away and sold it a year later (mostly due to a thistle that was six feet tall.)

I want to use this blog to reflect on these experiences.  And, when I tackle the present moment I’m interested in writing about raising a Third Culture Kid, trying to rediscover the aspects of living abroad that first drew me in, and life in Germany (a country that was recently rated the best one to live in, whoop whoop!)

I have to warn you—I like to write long things.  Whether it’s a postcard, a thank you note, an email or a blog post, I’m likely to fill the whole, entire page and in very small letters.  I can’t help myself–I’m a wordy story-teller.  But, I’m working on adding some shorter posts to the mix.

Ultimately, our lives are made up of stories.  And, I’m fascinated by how they impact us, tear us apart, redefine us, and lead us in new directions.  In this blog I want to share some of mine–and I really want to hear yours in return!